Warranty Information


Warranty Claim Procedure for Rubber Tracks

In the event you have a track failure due to a manufacturer defect or poor workmanship we are here to help. Although it is highly unlikely, you will ever have a problem due to poor workmanship or defects, it’s never impossible this could occur, REGARDLESS OF who the manufacturer may be. That is exactly why we warranty our products. TO PROTECT YOU!

If you ever have a track failure or show signs of failure and you are within the limits of your warranty, we want to know immediately. You have the right to deal directly with the manufacturer, we only offer to help to assure that your claim is handled promptly and efficiently.

Please provide the following information to us so we can assist you. We will handle the rest on your behalf.

  1. Photographs: We need to be able to identify not only the rubber track and manufacturer, but the reason our track may have failed. This helps not only assure we are continually producing a quality rubber track, but helps refine our manufacturing procedures if we are able to identify any unknown problems. Please provide the following pictures:
    • Serial # (located on the roller path guide, sometimes on machine side)
    • Logo/brand stamp with size
    • Whole machine
    • Drive sprockets to show the condition of teeth
    • Whole machine showing all under carriage
    • Pictures of failed product
  2. Purchase Invoice: This will allow us to quickly identify the rubber track part number, sales date, and purchaser. If you cannot locate this, that is OK too. We retain all sales transactions for the previous 6 years, but we would like to be able to match our records to yours.
  3. Machine Info: Although we should have this already documented, please be able to provide the Make, Model and Serial number of your machine to help ensure we provided the right part for your machine.
  4. Claim Form: Please complete the Warranty Claim Form

Checklist next, please contact our Warranty Administrator at Midwest Equipment at 877-336-6825 to begin your claim. You may email the photographs to warranty@mwesales.com ong with the other information required to complete our warranty claim on your behalf. Normally a decision could be made within 7-10 business days. We will act upon and within the guidelines of the manufacturer's warranty. You can download the “Warranty Claim Checklist” to help gather the information required to complete your claim.

If you have any further questions about our warranties, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want you to feel secure and comfortable about not only the part(s) you're buying, but who you're buying them from.

Thank you!

Bridgestone Warranty

Bridgestone Rubber Tracks are manufactured at facilities that are recognized for their quality of management by the highest international certification standards: Quality Management Systems. ISO 9001/2000 Approved and Environmental Management Systems. ISO 14001.
Please call for more details.

1 yr/1,000 hours (Bridgestone will review all warranties no matter the time frame.)

Construction Tracks (CTL/Mini-Ex, etc.)
1yr./1,000 hours Ag – 4yr/4,000 hrs. pro-rated warranty (Industry Standard)

Camso Warranty

Camso (Formerly Camoplast Solideal) rubber track that becomes unserviceable as a result of a defect in materials or workmanship will be eligible for coverage. Track eligible for coverage will be (at Camoplast’s choice) replaced, or allowance given towards purchase of replacement Camoplast track. Coverage begins on the track purchase date from an authorized Camoplast aftermarket dealer. Camoplast track warranties vary by track. See the PDF below for more information.

Solideal Warranty

Solideal Warranty PDF Download This document serves as an overview of Solideal’s warranty policies and is in no way to be used as a substitution for the general claim policy and adjustments document set forth by TWECO NV or Solideal USA work procedure.

MWE Warranty

Mini-Excavator Tracks
24 month/1500 hours
First 12 months is non-prorated After that, pro-rated on full 24 month basis (i.e. 14 month warranty issue would be credited on remaining 10 months).

CTL Tracks
15 month/1000 hours
First 8 months is non-pro-rated, after that, tracks are pro-rated on full 15 month basis.